BC Baseball 15U Camp - day 2 update

Posted by BC Baseball Association on Jun 03 2017 at 06:34PM PDT

Day two of the 15U Selects camp came early Saturday. Participants and parents started to arrive as early as 7:50am in advance of the 9:00am start.

The instructors pre-day camp meeting began at 8:30am going over the day itinerary and ended with 15U Selects Head Coach having a brief pep talk with the players prior to the start of the day.

Players were put through high paced drills by lead instructor and ex-MLB player Reggie Smith. Orville Germaine, Aaron Myette, Al Forman, Selects Assistant Coach Luke Yam and Delta Tigers Assistant Coach Ford Marcotte throughout the day.

The AM brought instruction for pitchers, catchers and infielders as PFP’s were run while Outfielders worked on patterns and routes to the ball drills.

Early afternoon saw “breakouts” by position (primary) and instruction for pitchers, catchers (footwork), infielders (various drills by position) and outfielders (fly ball communication and awareness). Later various team-play situations, cut-offs and relays were then taught.

With two fields and a batting cage at Blundell Park in Richmond Batting Practice simulated game situations were learned in preparation of the upcoming games.

The day ended with two simultaneously played games at each diamond. Parents and siblings in attendance today finally got to sit and enjoy the players play the game in the sunny conditions to everyone’s enjoyment with players putting the various skills learned in the first two days to use on the field.

Tomorrow marks the final day of the camp which starts early in the morning with video clips and discussions prior to all getting back on the field for the final day of player development.


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