Canadian Baseball Network's Bob Elliott Article on Tom House and the BC Baseball Convention

Posted by BC Baseball Association on Feb 20 2017 at 11:58PM PST

By Bob Elliott
Canadian Baseball Network
LANGLEY, BC _ Tom House has been to a clinic or two.

Let’s see the renowned pitching guru usually goes to Texas and California high school coaches convention, the annual American Baseball Coaches Association, a stop or two in Canada and some others adding up to about eight a year.

How do they differ?

“Well, take a look,” said House, the best-selling author, Nolan Ryan’s pitching coach and throwing consultant to 28 of 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL.

From the side of the gym at the Langley Events Centre, House nodded toward Donald Hooton, Jr. lecturing to the 40-odd high schoolers on dietary supplements at the annual BC Baseball Coaching Conference, the longest running and largesst convention in Western Canada.

“I don’t want to say that this is the land that time forgot … but it reminds me of the US more than 15 years ago,” House said. “Look at them. They are so receptive and so attentive. If this was south of the border half of them would be on their cell phones texting after 20 minutes.

“Every time I come to Vancouver whether it is the players, coaches or parents everyone is so attentive and respectful. Baseball’s No. 1 enemies are the cell phone and the tablet.”
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